Generators and UPS Systems

Going without power can be stressful and even cost you money.  MacDonald Electrical Services can recommend different ways of providing power to your home or business in a cost effective way. 

Go Automatic

Automatic stand-by generators provide power with very little maintenance and interaction between the owner.  Powered by natural gas, propane and diesel, these systems provide automatic start up during a power outage. They can accommodate your entire home or be sized to fit your requirements. 


Natural Gas or Propane Powered Generator

Automatic Transfer Switch

Go Portable

Portable generators offer another solution to providing power during an outage while giving you the versatility of taking it anywhere.  This can be a cost effective way of protecting your home and saving you money.  These types of installations require manual transfer switches, which involve the operator to be present during a power outage.  


Portable Generator

Manual Transfer Switch

Generator Receptacle

Go Uninterrupted

Uninterrupted Power Supplies provide an "always on" power source.  This type of system is installed when the customer requires instantaneous protection.  Typically used to protect data on computers, electrical equipment and telecommunication devices.  UPS systems vary in size and can be suited to any application.  Talk to MacDonald Electrical Services to get informed.


UPS System